Aug 17, 2009

Ray Johnson Reappears with a Diamond

Tiny Records is proud to release the latest from the elusive Ray Johnson, and his band. The new record, titled "steaks" is a classic collection of sharp witted back country hits that is sure to please those that treasure americana with a healthy twist humor, political trashing, and women that just ain't right. Available everywhere, either digital or CD, especially from our good friends at CDBaby.

Jan 29, 2008

New Ingenious Whittler Release out March 4th

The ever prolific sui generis Ingenious Whittler unearths "Le Monde Cruel et Bete et Toute sa Beaute." Perhaps their richest record yet, a musical expedition across broken hearts, redemption and baseball heroes. What more could one ask for in a record.

Jan 10, 2008

New Knocker Release Feb 18th

Knocker releases "Seven Devils", a soundtrack of all original material scored for the, as yet, unreleased independent film from Cole Merideth called "Highway's End". The music is a remarkable journey through the dripping alleys and moonlit battlefields of low-fi organic soundscapes mixed with tasty pop songs knee deep in homemade molasses. Available everywhere

Nov 15, 2006

The Firm Stools in TV Ads

Dartmouth Motors of Newport New Hampshire has based a new set of TV ads around the Firm Stools song "Truck" from their "I Make Butter" CD. Thanks to Luke Mattern for making it all happen!

"Happy (Silverado/Sierra)" WMV 1.3 MB

"Happy (Yukon)" WMV 1.2 MB

Jun 18, 2006

New Ingenious Whittler Release

Ingenious Whittler releases "Among The Begonias" on their Museum Records label. A truley wonderful collection of touching and disturbing songs. For more information on obtaining a copy, email us here at Tiny Records.

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Steaks CoverRay Johnson BandSteaks

Ray Johnson Band is back with the June 2009 release of “Steaks”, the belated followup to their 2001 release “Gone. Like the 7 year itch, but a year too late… like the cicada, but not as noisy… like a flashback to a dream of a memory of a flashback… they’re back!

Ingenious WhittlerLe Monde Cruel et Bête et Toute sa Beauté

Le Monde Cruel et Bête et Toute sa Beauté CoverIn the fall of 1956, the founders of the Modern Creationists Musical Society traveled to Europe, (by way of Lisbon,) with the chief aim of effectively solving the colossal conundrum, which, up to that time, had stifled virtually all global curiosity about the future of humankind. Yes, the trousered ape, (as H.M. Whipple1 most aptly said,) “had lost his way among the shrouded mists of history.” Bombs, both real and metaphorical, were thrown from one continent upon another, without a care or a civil word for tomorrow. Disaster seemed to lurk just around every corner. In short, diplomacy was thought, most assuredly dead…

Well rejoice dear, celebrated nomads! The time has come well nie for the curious to be curious once again… The truth lies within us.

—P.Q. Whittlerstein, Ishpeming, Mich. 1871


1. H.M. Whipple, The Freedom of the Barbarists, 1917. Juniper Press, New York, New York

KnockerSeven Devils

Seven Devils CoverA haunting parade of halloween songs unfit for the faint of heart. From within the darkened soundscapes, the fragile bones of fetching pop emerge, only to sink again into the plangent pond. Most of the music on this debut soundtrack was recorded with a Nagra mono reel to reel tape recorder documenting an orchestra of found sounds and a chorus of tortured voices. Sometimes uplifting, often chilling, like a ride on an old wooden roller coaster that should have been decommissioned decades ago, a bang worth taking for those with mettle.

The Firm StoolsThis Elephantitis is Driving Me Nuts

Elephantitis CoverLooks like the infamous Firm Stools have painfully pushed out yet another pile of reeking songs, expertly designed to violate your senses. From the insane banter of “Jack in the Box” and “Hold Mommies Beer,” to the cry in your beer ballads of “Forever a Packer Fan” or “People,” The Firm Stools are always a journey through the unexpected and unwelcome. Enjoy.

Hold Mommie’s Beer CoverThe Firm StoolsHold Mommie’s Beer

Life as it is for most of us. The Firm Stools sing about hangovers, heartaches and heartburn. So crack a beer, turn up the volume and get ready to smile. These songs are scary, down-home fun.

Ingenious & Whittler CoverIngenious WhittlerIngenious & Whittler

Yet another historic musical adventure from the Whittler men. From mad experimentation to “sob in your beer” ballads, it’s all here. In this recording Ingenious Whittler explore the circus life of old as the infamous Ingenious & Whittler road show. Treat yourself to this incredibly unique recording.

Gone CoverRay Johnson BandGone

Alt-Country tales of hubris, longing, avoidance and disgust. Tales of the search for a way out—be it of the room, of the confusion, or of this strange world. Tales about you.

Catfish & the One Eyed JacksThe Way You Move

The Way You Move CoverA greasy gumbo of delta blues, swampy serenades, Texas boogie, roadhouse rave-ups, lonesome cowboy laments, and the odd Parrothead lullaby.

Al Smith CoverIngenious WhittlerAl Smith’s New York

A mad, colorful and experimental progressive rock journey, with a flash of the carnival to it. An historic musical adventure created deep inside a little known cavern in Madison, Wisconsin by some of the City’s best known mad men. In this recording Ingenious Whittler explorers New York in the 1920s through its former mayor, Al Smith. A rare and incredibly unique recording.

Union Cab CoverUnion Cab PresentsRearview Visionaries

“Rearview Visionaries” is a collection of songs written and performed by employees of Union Cab of Madison, WI. It features many different genres including metal, pop, psychedelic and folk. The artists, as well as being cab drivers (for the same company Butch Vig of Garbage once worked for), range from professional musicians who have gigged extensively in Madison or nationwide, to weekend warriors who have been woodshedding for years.

I Make Butter CoverThe Firm StoolsI Make Butter

The Firm Stools hail From Madison, WI. They are sick. They are shameless. They are one of life’s little pleasures. If you’ve ever fallen for a stripper or killed your wife, “I Make Butter” is a must for your collection.

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